STALPROFIL S.A. operates in two business segments:

  • Trade, processing and service activity on the steel market (steel segment), including mainly trade in steel products carried out by the Head Office of STALPROFIL S.A. in Dąbrowa Górnicza and the Katowice Branch,
  • Activities related to the infrastructure of gas and other media transmission networks (transmission network infrastructure segment), including construction and assembly services of transmission networks, offered by the STALPROFIL S.A. Branch in Zabrze.

Since its establishment in 1988 STALPROFIL SA has been part of the steel industry. Today, the company is one of the major steel distributors in Poland, selling steel products to domestic and foreign markets. Its solid and recognized brand makes STALPROFIL a valuable business partner for customers in Poland and abroad.

For its activity STALPROFIL uses two warehouses in Dąbrowa Górnicza and Katowice, which are one of the largest in Poland. Located in the north and south of Śląsko-Dąbrowska conurbation, they leverage the logistics of the Company, facilitating access to customers. Significant capital expenditure in previous years increased the capacity of the warehouses, improved the range of customer service and ensured high service quality based on ISO 9001:2015 standard. The company gains its competitive advantage through a wide range of steel products offered and steel products pre-processing services for higher value added.

After the incorporation of ZRUG Zabrze S.A. by STALPROFIL S.A. the activity of the Company was extended to activities related to the infrastructure of gas and other media transmission networks, carried out by the STALPROFIL S.A. Branch. in Zabrze, established on the basis of the assets of the acquired company ZRUG Zabrze S.A., which had been operating on this market since 1976. Within the scope of activities of the STALPROFIL S.A. Branch, in Zabrze is the performance of investment and repair works of gas transmission and distribution networks, removal of gas network failures, construction of gas reduction and measurement stations, construction of connections for gas consumers, and construction and assembly works in the field of water supply and sewage networks.

Since 2000 STALPROFIL has been listed in the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Company activity is characterized by impressive operational effectiveness. For many years STALPROFIL’s trusted brand has contributed to its strong position in foreign markets. The quality of the brand STALPROFIL SA has been recognized in contests and rankings for a number of years.