KOLB sp. z o.o. seated in Kolonowskie joined STALPROFIL SA Capital Group in 2008. IZOSTAL SA is a 100% shareholder of the Company.

KOLB is a dynamically developing company with a well-established market position. The company's objects include production and assembly of steel structures, e.g.:

  • pre-fabricated metal structures (industrial bays, car showrooms, stores, petrol stations,
  • metal structures (construction frames for industry and construction sector, pillars, truss, towers and other elements).

Company also offers the following services:

  • assembly of steel structures
  • painting steel structures with primers, topcoat paints, fire protection paints or galvanizing of construction,
  • assembly of structures for metal bays.

The Company has a modern production workshop with specialist machinery and equipment. They offer high quality, timeliness and good prices.

For more information about the company, please visit company website at kolb.pl.