Commemoration, continuation and development of social and charity activities carried out by its Patron - the founder of the STALPROFIL Capital Group and the long-term President of the Management Board of STALPROFIL SA - Mr. Jerzy Bernhard.
Implementation of social, medical, educational and animal care projects. 
Acting as a link between those in need of help and those who can and want to provide this help.
Enabling business entities to implement the idea of ​​corporate social responsibility through financial and material support for the Foundation's projects.

In striving to implement the above goals, the JB Foundation commemorates the special role and relationship of its Patron with the STALPROFIL Capital Group, in particular the company STALPROFIL SA, which is reflected in the logo of the JB Foundation, referring to the style of the graphic sign "STALPROFIL" SA. The JB Foundation also intends to cover the employees of the STALPROFIL Capital Group, so dear to its Patron, with social and charitable activities.