STALPROFIL SA Capital Group is characterized by two basic segments of operations, which are the following:

  • Sales, processing and services in the steel market. Sales activity in steel industry is conducted mainly by STALPROFIL SA. Steel structures, including steel processing, are made by KOLB sp. z o.o.
  • Activity in scope of gas and utilities transmission networks infrastructure, covering production of anti-corrosive insulation for steel pipes and tubes produced by IZOSTAL SA, as well as construction and installation services for transmission networks offered by STALPROFIL SA Branch in Zabrze.

The companies constituting STALPROFIL SA Capital Group complement each other, which makes it possible to obtain synergy effects.



A common denominator for the activity of the STALPROFIL SA Capital Group is steel, a subject of the activity of the Group’s enterprises either as a product, material for production, product for further processing or an element of the service provided, e.g. investment construction service. In practice, business relations between subsidiaries and dominant company boil down to commercial cooperation in this scope. As a result of business activity, Group entities increase the value of the steel product purchased mainly from the dominant company, adding value thereto (processing, conversion, service) and they place their products at completely different markets.
In view of the foregoing, while shaping the corporate identity of its Group STALPROFIL SA adopted a model where STALPROFIL SA, as a parent entity, uses the scale effect for its image while informing the stakeholders about a broad range of its activity through a number of enterprises forming the group and a large perimeter of action. Subsidiaries take advantage of the "halo effect" and inform their partners on being a part of the recognized organization (recognized also at the stock-exchange) and a possibility to get its support in exceptional situations, including capital support, business support and support in obtaining sureties, guarantees etc. Owing to the economy of scale, the entire STALPROFIL SA Group streamlines its operations to a considerable extent.