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Henryk Orczykowski

Management Board President, CEO

Mr. Henryk Orczykowski has been associated with the steel industry since the beginning of his professional career, and since 1991 also with STALPROFIL SA, first serving as a Member, Vice-President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board for several years, and from 2006 until now as Vice-President of the Management Board, Development Director responsible for supervising the implementation of the development strategy outlined for the Group, including supervision of the activities of the entities forming the STALPROFIL SA Capital Group, and in particular of the activities related to the implementation of contracts in the gas sector. On March 1, 2021, elected by the Supervisory Board as President of the Management Board - General Director.

Mr. Henryk Orczykowski has higher technical education (Częstochowa University of Technology) and completed postgraduate MBA management studies at the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw, as well as Harzburg-Kolleg at the University of Economics in Katowice. He also has a securities broker license and international certificates: PRINCE2 Foundation project management and M_o_R Foundation risk management.
From 1984, Mr. Henryk Orczykowski was employed at Huta Katowice (now ArcelorMittal Poland SA) from the position of a master, management process analyst, development strategy team manager, restructuring office manager, the main specialist of corporate governance, to the restructuring and privatization director. In 2001, he was also the president of the management board of Huta Metali Nieżelaznych Szopienice SA. From 2002, Mr. Henryk Orczykowski was the vice-president of the management board, director for consolidation and development, and from 2004 to 2006 he was the president of the management board of Stalexport Serwis Centrum SA.
Mr. Henryk Orczykowski also has many years of experience in performing supervisory activities in supervisory boards of capital companies, including State Treasury companies. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Dom Maklerski BDM in Bielsko Biała.
Mr. Henryk Orczykowski does not conduct any activity competitive to the company STALPROFIL SA and does not participate in a competitive company as a partner in a civil partnership, partnership or as a member of a competitive capital company or a member of a body of any competitive legal person. He is not listed in the Register of Insolvent Debtors maintained pursuant to the act on the National Court Register.


Zenon Jędrocha

Management Board Vice-President, Commercial Director

Mr. Zenon Jędrocha (born in 1974) is a graduate of the University of Science and Technology in Kraków. He graduated from the Faculty of Mining (specialization: management in the industry).
Since 1999 he worked in the sales department of STALPROFIL SA, taking positions from Clerk to Director of Domestic Sales. Since 2012 he has been Management Board Vice-President and Commercial Director of STALPROFIL SA.


Sylwia Potocka-Lewicka

Management Board Vice-President, CFO

Mrs. Sylwia Potocka-Lewicka (born in 1970) is a graduate of Marketing and Management at the Wrocław University of Technology and a graduate of doctoral studies at the University of Economics in Kraków. She was awarded a PhD in Economics in 2005. In 2002 she started a career in ArcelorMittal Poland SA Group, initially at the position of Deputy Subsidiaries Controlling Director and then Deputy Subsidiaries Governance Director.

She worked also in the following companies: HK Grupa Kapitałowo-Inwestycyjna SA – Management Board President, ZOZ "Centrum Medyczne Nowa Huta" sp. z o.o. – Management Board Vice-President Finance, Dolnośląska Korporacja Ekologiczna sp. z o.o. – Management Board Vice-President Finance, Dolnośląska Spółka Inwestycyjna SA – Chief Specialist for Strategic Investments, KGHM Polska Miedz SA – Specialist for HR Management Policy.


Jerzy Bernhard

Management Board President, CEO in the years 1998-2021

On February 26, 2021, a great man and manager passed away - Jerzy Bernhard - President of the Management Board of STALPROFIL SA and the creator of the STALPROFIL Capital Group.
It is difficult to find words that would contain his achievements, competences and passion with which he managed the company he built for nearly three decades.
We say goodbye to an outstanding man who for many years changed the image and created new trends in the steel industry and the infrastructure investment industry.

Mr. Jerzy Bernhard graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Częstochowa University of Technology. From the beginning of his professional career, he was associated with the steel industry. In the years 1975-1992 he worked in Huta Katowice in the positions of Master to Deputy Head of the Department. In 1992, he assumed the position of the President of the Management Board of STALPROFIL for the first time and held it until 1996.
Then, from 1996 to 1998, he was a Member of the Management Board and Commercial Director at Huta Katowice SA. In 1998, he returned to the position of the President of the Management Board and CEO of STALPROFIL SA and for the next 23 years he was associated with this company and the Capital Group STALPROFIL SA he created. During his professional career, he was the chairman and member of supervisory boards of many capital companies. In addition, President Jerzy Bernhard performed many functions in social organizations, including as: Member of the Provincial Council for Social Dialogue, Member of the Regional Council of Business Center Club, Member of the Council of the Polish Union of Steel Distributors, Member of the Council of the Healthcare Foundation in Dąbrowa Górnicza, and Member of the Polish Chamber of Steel Structures.
Long-term development strategy for STALPROFIL SA formulated and implemented by President Jerzy Bernhard and the STALPROFIL SA Capital Group has brought about and continues to bring about tangible economic effects. STALPROFIL SA Capital Group is one of the leading players in the Polish steel distribution market and leaders in the European market of anti-corrosion insulation of steel pipes.
The unquestionable merit of President Jerzy Bernhard was the preparation and implementation of the process of making STALPROFIL SA and its subsidiary - Izostal SA - public and the successful introduction of both companies to the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
The priority for President Jerzy Bernhard has always been the continuous development of the Group's activities. On the initiative of President Jerzy Bernhard, the Group's entities actively obtained EU funds for innovative investments. As a result of the material and capital investments made, the value of which in recent years has reached several hundred million PLN, the STALPROFIL SA Capital Group significantly modernized its commercial and production infrastructure and expanded its product offer, introducing to it, apart from the distribution of steel products, also the service of gas and other utilities transmission networks, the production of steel structures and, above all, the production of anti-corrosion insulation for steel pipes. Almost a decade ago, the Group's entities were in the top ten of the most innovative companies in Poland. The developed and patented innovative solutions, including high-quality insulation, have gained recognition in the country and on external markets and are used in the construction of strategic gas transmission lines in Poland and Central Europe.
STALPROFIL SA Capital Group currently employs over 550 employees. The development strategy pursued by President Jerzy Bernhard has always been distinguished by the desire to increase employment in the Company and the entire Capital Group. It was also characterized by particular care for promoting activities for the benefit of the Company's employees. As part of this program, extensive training and social activities have been implemented for years. The HR policy led by President Jerzy Bernhard was based on building a competent team and creating a sense of security and stability among the staff, which resulted in low staff turnover and building development paths.
Jerzy Bernhard's sensitivity to social issues was also known. As part of activities related to corporate social responsibility, STALPROFIL under the leadership of President Jerzy Bernhard allocated significant funds to pro-social and charity activities. The company actively supported institutions responsible for the redistribution of funds directly to people in need of support. Directional, permanent financial assistance in the field of health protection, the company focused primarily on co-financing the health service, including the purchase of medical equipment for hospitals. The company supported many public benefit organizations as well as cultural, educational and sports institutions.
The sources of the success of the STALPROFIL SA Capital Group, led by President Jerzy Bernhard, were the principles of business ethics, partnership relations with contractors and strong customer orientation.
This is confirmed by countless awards and prizes as well as the awarded titles, which were awarded to President Jerzy Bernhard and the Company.
The outstanding managerial competences of President Jerzy Bernhard are most clearly demonstrated by the title he received three years after STALPROFIL entered the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It was the "Bull and Bear" award in the category of the best-managed listed company of the year.