Public offer January 31, 2000 - February 25, 2000

800,000 non-preferred bearer shares, series C, PLN 1,00 each, were offered for public subscription. On the basis of the prospectus, the following shares were also offered as part of the public offer: 
400,000 preferred registered shares, series A, PLN 1,00 each,
550 000 non-preferred bearer shares, series B, PLN 1,00 each.
Pursuant to the Commercial Code and the Company Statute, decisions on increasing the share capital might be made by the General Shareholders’ Meeting. The public subscription for series C shares was conducted on the basis of the resolution of the General Shareholders’ Meeting dated April 19, 1999.

By virtue of its decision of December 3, 1999, the Securities and Stock Exchange Committee approved the prospectus and agreed to the public offer of the relevant securities:

Public offer schedule:

  • 31.01.2000-04.02.2000    investors declare their interest in the purchase of series C shares
  • 14.02.2000    public subscription is opened
  • 14.02.2000-18.02.2000    subscription for the shares continues
  • 25.02.2000    public offer is closed

The issue price of series C shares was a constant price and amounted to PLN 11. STALPROFIL shares were offered by the brokerage house Beskidzki Dom Maklerski SA.