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Platinum Statuette of the Polish Business Leader

STALPROFIL SA received the award for exceptional business achievements.

On January 27, 2024, the final of the 31st edition of the Polish Business Leader competition, organized by the Business Center Club, took place. The Polish Business Leader is an award for companies and entrepreneurs achieving the best financial results in a given year, offering high-quality products and services and implementing the principles of corporate social responsibility - thus contributing to the development of the Polish economy. During this year's edition, Platinum Statuettes of the Polish Business Leader were also awarded for the first time. STALPROFIL SA was among those awarded for exceptional business achievements.

Gold Diamond to the Statuette of Silesian Business Caesar

In the years 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2023 the Silesian Office of the Business Centre Club presented the Company with a Diamond to the Statuette of Silesian Business Caesar for maintaining leading market position. 

In the years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Stalprofil was awarded the Gold Diamond by the Katowice Lodge of the Business Center Club.

Business Center Club Recommendation

Business Center Club issued a Recommendation for STALPROFIL SA

STALPROFIL SA is a member of the Business Center Club, an organization of entrepreneurs founded in 1991. The company was invited to BCC as it is reliable and trustworthy, respecting the principles of merchant ethics and accepting the principles of the code of honor.

European Medal

In 2001 STALPROFIL SA was awarded with a European Medal by the European Integration Committee and the Business Center Club for its achievements in the category "domestic and international trade in steel products". 

medal europejskiIn 2012 STALPROFIL was awarded with the European Medal for distribution of steel products.


In 2022 and 2023, STALPROFIL SA was honored by the European Economic and Social Committee and Business Center Club with the European Medal for achievements in the category of "domestic and foreign trade in steel products"


Caesar Statuette of the Silesian Business

STALPROFIL and its CEOs were awarded with the statuette of the Silesian Business in 2000 and 2022 in a competition organized by the Katowice Lodge of Business Center Club.

The aim of the competition is to distinguish and reward companies and their bosses that achieve the best economic results, are distinguished by their involvement in the country's economic development, observe the principles of business ethics and conduct social and charity activities. It is also a promotion of family and regional entrepreneurship and a unique distinction for the leaders of Silesian business and a token of appreciation for their achievements. This prestigious distinction has been awarded to:

- in 2000, the Company and its then President Jerzy Bernhard,

- in 2022, the Company and its President Henryk Orczykowski.

Well-Perceived Company

In 2021, STALPROFIL SA received the title of "Well-Perceived Company" in a competition organized by the Business Center Club

The aim of the Well-Perceived Company competition is to promote companies that run socially responsible business and to spread knowledge about corporate social responsibility and effective methods of communicating about the company's social activities. An important element subject to evaluation is the company's policy towards employees, including compliance with the principles of equality, tools and internal procedures favoring the equalization of professional opportunities for women and men; the effectiveness and methods of internal and external communication of the company on its socially responsible activities are also assessed.

Diamond to Gold Statuette of a Polish Business Leader

Since 1991 Business Centre Club has been awarding Gold Statuettes of a Polish Business Leader to companies and their managers. 

Stalprofil S.A. received this award in 2002. Winners who maintain the position of a leader and continue to record excellent financial results receive a Diamond to their Statuette. Stalprofil was awarded the Diamond in the years 2004-2021.

Certificate Golden Payer 2015

Golden Payer is a special honor to confirm high standards of paying morality, timeliness of transactions and reliability of payment.

The verification process in the plebiscite Golden Payer 2015 has been prepared on the basis of receivables analysis program, conducted by Euler Hermes, the largest database of payment experiences in Poland. Obtaining certification means that the company has achieved a rate of paying morality (PMI) more than 80 points, rating above CCC and has no active recovery, while maintaining the highest standards of payment discipline.

STALPROFIL SA has achieved the highest standards of payment discipline in the plebiscite Golden Payer 2015, meeting all stringent criteria of the verification process. The Company achieved a high rate of paying morality (PMI) and the rating of above CCC, and all payment obligations have been made accurately and timely.

Fair Play Company

Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy and the Polish Chamber of Commerce awarded the Company with a Business Fair Play certificate for the years 2003-2015. 

In 2004, 2005 and 2013 the Company was selected one of the companies which received the Special Award i.e. "Business Fair Play Statuette". The Statuette is awarded to companies which, in the opinion of the Award Committee, stand out from other companies because of the activity taken. This contest is aimed at promoting reliable and honest companies which operate in line with law regulations and principles of business ethics.
In 2007 Stalprofil was awarded the Business Fair Play Gold Statuette. In 2008 the Company was awarded the Business Fair Play Bronze Laur, in 2009 - the Business Fair Play Silver Laur, in 2010 - the Business Fair Play Golden Laur, in 2011 - the Business Fair Play Platinum Laur, in 2012 - the Business Fair Play Platinum Statuette.

Title of a Reliable Company

Business and Consumer Program called "Reliable Company" is a system used for the evaluation and verification of companies by experts, consumers and business partners. 

Stalprofil successfully passed through all verification stages in the category of large companies, and won the titles of a Reliable Company of 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Stalprofil has been also awarded the Silver Certificate, the Gold Certificate, the Bronze Statuette of a Reliable Company, the Pearl of Reliability and the Emerald of Reliability. These prizes are awarded to companies which have successfully passed the verification process under this program three, five, seven, ten an twelve times respectively. Thus our Company obtained external objective confirmation of its competitive advantage i.e. the observance of high business ethics standards and principles of business honesty in its operation.

Credibility Leaders

On 15.10.2013 Creditreform conducted a survey of credibility of the Company.

Stalprofil received the highest possible value of the index, indicating in the scale of Creditreform excellent ability to pay. The Company was ranked among the 100 best-rated companies in 2013. Thus Stalprofil entered the list of prestigious ranking "Credibility Leaders 2013" and received a special Certificate of Credibility. 
Creditreform is one of the world's largest international credit and risk information agencies, founded in 1879 in Mainz (Germany).

Pearls of the Polish Economy

In 2012 Stalprofil SA was among winners of the 10th edition of the prestigious ranking of Pearls of the Polish Economy.

For many years Polish Market magazine has organized editorial ranking the results of which are announced each year at the gala. Pearls of the Polish Economy ranking is the most objective positioning of companies. Position in the ranking depends not only on the size of the measured value of total income, but also on effectiveness, dynamics and liquidity. Positioning rules have been developed in the Department of Economics of Microeconomics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Computer algorithm can select companies that in the last three years have made most progress in use of the three factors of production: capital, fixed assets and labour. For this purpose commonly used seven auditing indicators have been used. 2000 companies reaching more than 100 million PLN income are subjects to assessment - the list order is enumerated by the computer.

Golden Stock of

TSR (Total Shareholder Return) is the main determinant for the first time granted Golden Stock of prizes for the best companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Ranking prepared by, shows the actual rate of return achieved by the shareholders holding shares (also includes dividends paid) and is designed for investors who are interested in building the company's value in a longer term of several years.
The survey and ranking took into account two time horizons - three years (2009-2011) and ten years (2002-2011). Ten-year perspective can identify companies with superior growth strategy, which for many years consistently create value for shareholders. Stalprofil came in fourth place among all companies in the main index WIG, obtaining for the years 2002-2011 TSR return rate of 1950%.
Golden Stocks of are the first and only awards of this kind in Poland.

Wing of Mercury

On 26 June 2011 Stalprofil S.A. received the statuette Wing of Mercury, awarded by the Economic Chamber of Exporters and Importers. 

The chairman of the chapter was prof. dr hab. Andrzej Barczak. The award was presented during the "Ninth Grand Picnic - Regions of Europe and the World" in the castle park in Pszczyna.

Ambassador of the Polish Economy

In 2009, 2011 and 2012, in a competition for entrepreneurs organized by the Business Centre Club under the honorary patronage of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stalprofil received the title "Ambassador of the Polish Economy".

The winners promote Poland in the international arena as a reliable business partner, promote the good image of Polish entrepreneurs, contribute to economic development of Poland, attract investment and build capital of confidence in Poland and Poles.

Brand certificate

In 2001, the Polish Brand Institute, acting on behalf of the Minister of Economy and the Polish Chamber of Commerce awarded the Company with a Brand Certificate. 

The certificate awarded confirms that Stalprofil S.A. has all the required attributes of a brand company and has a good reputation which justifies its participation in the Brands Academy.

Market Leader

In 2001 the Polish Leaders Forum awarded the Company with the title of a "Market Leader". 

lider rynkuThis contest is aimed at selecting the best companies, products and services in Poland.

The Business Gazelle title

In December 2001 Puls Biznesu published again the prestigious ranking of the most dynamic companies in Poland - "Business Gazelles." 

The dynamics of a company’s development was the decisive criterion. In a ranking covering Polish business entities, Stalprofil achieved an excellent result being ranked sixth, and at the same time was chosen the leader of companies operating in the Silesia Province.

Title "The one who changes Polish industry"

Polish Association for Business Development - publisher of "Nowy Przemysł" monthly - awards persons, companies and institutions with particular impact on positive changes in Polish industry with the title " The one who changes Polish industry". 

Stalprofil S.A. was one of ten winners awarded in 2002.

Gold Statuette of a Polish Business Leader

Stalprofil S.A. was one of companies presented with the most prestigious award in Polish business circles - "Gold Statuette of a Polish Business Leader 2002" - in a contest organized by the Business Centre Club. 

The Company was awarded in the category of small and medium enterprises for very dynamic development, building a strong position on international markets, and for supporting educational and cultural activity.

Bull and Bear Award

The editors of Parkiet, the Stock Exchange Paper presented Stalprofil S.A. with a prestigious Bull and Bear Award in the category "Best managed listed company". 

Independent panel of experts appreciated the company for very good, improving financial results, rational cost policy, consequent strengthening of the market position, and effective development strategy.

Customer Friendly Company

In the years 2007 and 2008 Stallprofil S.A. was awarded  the Customer Friendly Company logo. 

The logo awarded is a symbol and a guarantee that an organization entitled to use this logo is a customer friendly company, exceptional when it comes to modern and professional services.

Europe's Friend Title

Stalprofil was one of the five winners of a Social and Economic Eurocontest - Europe's Friend, Amico Europae A.D. 2004 edition, in the category "European enterprise -large enterprise". 

The Award Ceremony was held on December 9, 2004 in Tadeusz Łomnicki Teatr na Woli in Warszawa. 
"Europe's Friend" is an open contest organized by a pro-European social organization i.e. PRO EUROPA Association, in order to award persons and business entities whose social, economic or political contribution in the broadly defined European integration process accelerates positive changes in the Polish social and political life, modernization of Polish economy - including agriculture, promoting environmentally friendly behaviors, and in consequence improves standard of living in Poland. 
Eurocontest is organized once a year, and is held in five categories: "European personality", "European enterprise", "European farm", "European foreign investor in Poland" and "European environmentally friendly enterprise".
The Eurocontest "Europe's Friend" is organized under the auspices of: Józef Oleksy, Speaker of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland; Jerzy Hausner, Minister, Secretary of State; Jarosław Pietras, Head of the European Integration Committee; Wojciech Olejniczak, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and Jerzy Swatoń, Minister of Environment.

Best Quality Certificate

On June 10, 2005, the European Quality Council awarded the Company with the Best Quality Certificate of 2005 for its quality achievements. 

Stalprofil was granted the right to use the title of the Winner of the Best Quality Certificate, and logos Best Quality Certificate and Best Quality Services.