Information on submitting the best offer in proceedings for delivery of insulated DN1000 steel pipes to OGP Gaz-System S.A.

The Management Board of STALPROFIL S.A. announces that on 26 June 26 2018, after OGP Gaz-System S.A. (Ordering Party) had opened submitted offers in a public procurement procedure for the delivery of insulated steel pipes for the investment task on the basis of the Framework Agreement: DN1000 Pogórska Wola - Tworzeń - order 2, about 65 km long, was informed that Izostal S.A. [the leader of a consortium of companies comprised of Izostal S.A. and Stalprofil S.A. (Contractor)] offer of total value of 116,141 thousand PLN net (142,854 thousand gross) proved to be the most advantageous one.
The specification of essential terms of the contract provides for delivery from 1 January 2019 to 30 July 2019.
The Company will inform in a separate current report about receiving from OGP Gaz-System S.A. the official information on the selection of the best offer in the aforementioned tender.