30.09.2022 14:44

Conclusion of an annex to the contract with ROMGOS GWIAZDOWSCY sp. z o.o.

The Management Board of STALPROFIL SA (the Company) in reference to the current report No. 14/2022 of April 12, 2022, informs that on September 30, 2022 STALPROFIL SA (Subcontractor) concluded an annex to the contract with ROMGOS GWIAZDOWSCY sp. z o.o., headquarters in Jarocin (General Contractor), the subject of which is a change in the scope of construction and assembly works carried out by the Subcontractor, as part of the investment consisting in the comprehensive implementation of the DN1000 MOP 8.4 MPa gas pipeline section Gustorzyn-Wronów, stage II Leśniewice - Rawa Mazowiecka along with the facilities accompanying and infrastructure necessary for its operation.
As a result of bilateral agreements, the scope of works entrusted to the Subcontractor, including the construction of the 50 km long section of the above-mentioned gas pipeline, has been reduced by approx. 15 km for works related to linear welding and pipeline layout.
As a result of concluding this annex, the total remuneration of the Subcontractor will be reduced by the amount of PLN 10.5 million net to the amount of PLN 35.8 million.
The other provisions of the contract have not been significantly changed. The concluded annex will have an impact on the level of revenues generated by the Company in the segment of infrastructure of gas transmission networks, which is serviced by the self-balancing branch of STALPROFIL SA in Zabrze, responsible for the performance of construction works under the Agreement.