15.04.2021 11:15

Information on the issuance of a judgment by the District Court in Katowice in the proceedings against the former president of the management board of ZRUG Zabrze SA and TUiR Allianz

On April 15, 2021 The Management Board of STALPROFIL SA (the Company) learned that the District Court in Katowice issued a judgment in the proceedings brought by the Company against the former president of the management board of ZRUG Zabrze SA and Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji Allianz Polska SA in Warsaw (TUiR Allianz) for the payment of PLN 9,396 thousand PLN, as compensation for losses incurred by the Company, related to the management of the affairs of ZRUG Zabrze SA (currently STALPROFIL SA Branch in Zabrze) during the period of the contract for the construction of the DN 700 Szczecin-Gdańsk gas pipeline in 2012-2015.
In the said judgment, the Court awarded both defendants in solidum in favor of STALPROFIL SA the amount of PLN 6,154,444.00 with statutory interest for delay from September 3, 2018 to the date of payment, as well as jointly and severally the amount of PLN 64,624.40 for the costs of proceedings with interest, in the amount of statutory interest for delay in payment of the cash benefit for the period from the date of the judgment becoming final until the day of payment. The remainder of the claim was dismissed.
The basis of the claim against TUiR Allianz is a third party liability insurance policy of members of the company's governing bodies (the so-called D&O policy).
The judgment is not final.
STALPROFIL SA filed a lawsuit in the above case on August 31, 2018. Information on the proceedings was published by the Company in periodic reports. The company did not include revenues from this in the financial result for 2020 or from previous years.