11.06.2021 11:03

Information on the submission of the best offer for the supply of DN1000 insulated steel pipes to OGP Gaz-System SA by the Consortium composed of: Izostal SA (Consortium Leader), Ferrum SA (Consortium Partner) and Stalprofil SA (Consortium Partner)

The Management Board of Stalprofil SA announces that on June 11, 2021 it learned about the result of the opening by OGP Gaz-System SA (Ordering Party) of bids submitted in the procedure for granting a public procurement conducted in the form of an open tender for the performance of the task entitled: "Delivery of insulated steel pipes for Gustorzyn-Wronów and Dolna Odra gas pipeline, order No. 2", procedure number: ZP/2021/04/0046/PZ, Part No. 1.
According to the information made available on the OGP Gaz-System SA Purchasing Platform at https://gazsystem.eb2b.com.pl, the offer for Part No. 1 of the order placed by the Consortium consisting of: Izostal SA (Consortium Leader), Ferrum SA (Consortium Partner) and Stalprofil SA (Consortium Partner) with a value of PLN 186.4 million net, which is PLN 229.3 million gross, turned out to be the most advantageous. The award criterion for the selection of the most advantageous offer by the Ordering Party was the total gross price of the offer - weight 100%.
The specification of essential terms of the contract provides for the delivery of insulated steel pipes with a diameter of DN1000 with a total length of approximately 79 km from May 15, 2022 to October 31, 2022.
In a separate current report the Company will announce about receiving official information about the selection of the above offer as the most advantageous and the signing of the contract with the Ordering Party.