Selection of a bid submitted by entities of the STALPROFIL S.A. Group as the most favorable for supply of insulated steel pipes DN1000 to OGP Gaz-System S.A.

On 10 February 2017 the Board of STALPROFIL S.A. was notified about selection by OPG Gaz-System S.A. with its seat in Warsaw (the Purchaser), a bid submitted by Izostal S.A., on behalf of consortium of companies comprising: Izostal S.A. (Consortium Leader) and Stalprofil S.A. (Consortium Member), as the best award of a public contract for supply of insulated steel pipes for an investment project implemented by OGP Gaz-System S.A. - pipeline DN1000 Lwówek-Odolanów and pipeline DN1000 Zdzieszowice-Kędzierzyn with a total length of about 66 km.
The part of the consortium responsible for production and delivery of insulated steel pipes to OGP Gaz-System S.A. is the Consortium Leader - Izostal S.A. Value of the offer made by the Consortium Leader amounts to 117,078 thousand PLN net, which represents 144,006 thousand PLN gross. The Terms of Reference provides for implementation of supply from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018.
The Company will inform about the agreement with OGP Gaz-System S.A. in a separate current report.