Entry of merger between STALPROFIL S.A. and STALPROFIL HANDEL sp. z o.o. to the National Court Register

The Management Board of STALPROFIL S.A. in reference to current report 35/2018 hereby informs that on 28 December 2018 it learned about the entry by the District Court in Katowice, 8th Commercial Department in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register regarding the merger of the companies "STALPROFIL" S.A. (the Acquiring Company) with STALPROFIL HANDEL sp. z o.o. (the Acquired Company).
On the day of entering the merger into the Register of Entrepreneurs, ie on 28 December 2018, the above companies are merged in accordance with art. 492 §1 point 1) of the Code of Commercial Companies, ie by transferring all assets of the Acquired Company to the Acquiring Company. Due to the fact that the Acquiring Company is the sole shareholder of the Acquired Company, holding 100% of its shares, the merger of companies takes place in a simplified manner and without increasing the share capital of "STALPROFIL" S.A., ie pursuant to art. 515 §1 and 516 §6 of the Code of Commercial Companies and on the terms specified in the Merger Plan of 9 October 2018, which was published in the current report 29/2018.