07.05.2024 08:24

Information on the submission of the most advantageous offer in the procedure organized by OGP Gaz-System SA for the construction of the DN700 gas pipeline Wężerów-Przewóz

The Management Board of STALPROFIL SA informs that on May 7, 2024, it received information about the result of the opening by OGP Gaz-System SA (Ordering Party) of offers submitted in the public procurement procedure conducted under an open tender for the performance of the task entitled Construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline DN700 MOP 8.4 MPa Wężerów-Przewóz together with accompanying infrastructure. Procedure number: ZP/2024/02/0005/TAR.
According to the information available on the OGP Gaz-System SA Purchasing Platform, the offer submitted by the Consortium of companies consisting of: STF Infrastruktura Sp. z o.o. (consortium leader, Contractor 1) and Stalprofil SA (Contractor 2), in the amount of PLN 163,900,000.00 net, turned out to be the most advantageous. The consortium leader, STF Infrastruktura Sp. z o.o. is a subsidiary of Stalprofil SA.
The specification of essential terms of the contract provides for the construction of a DN700 gas pipeline with a length of approximately 44 km, together with the accompanying infrastructure, within 18 months from the date of signing the contract.
Upon receiving official information about the selection of the above-mentioned the offer as the most advantageous and the Company will inform about signing the contract with the Ordering Party in a separate current report.