19.02.2019 13:04

Information on submitting the best offer in the procedure for the delivery of insulated DN1000 steel pipes to OGP Gaz-System S.A.

The Management Board of STALPROFIL S.A. announces that on 19 February 2019, after OGP Gaz-System S.A. (Ordering Party) had opened submitted offers in a contract based on the Framework Agreement for public procurement of insulated steel pipes for the investment task: DN1000 Pogórska Wola - Tworzeń order 3, about 64 km long, was informed that the offer of Izostal S.A., which as the leader of a consortium of companies comprised of Izostal S.A. and Stalprofil S.A. (Contractor), offered a value of PLN 121,254 thousand PLN net (PLN 149,142 thousand gross), proved to be the most advantageous one.
The specification of essential terms of the contract provides for delivery from 1 September 2019 to 31 January 2020.
The Company will inform in a separate current report about the receipt of the official information from OGP Gaz-System SA on the selection of the best offer for the aforementioned tender.